Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Living in a Snowglobe

{photo via here}

It's one of those winters here.

The kind of winter where we get a little (and sometimes a lot) of snow every couple of (and sometimes every) days.

It's really lovely. Really lovely.

Unless, of course, you get caught up in the tiresome chore of shoveling (and, I'm oh-so-very lucky to have a husband who handles that for the most part) or get flustered by snow days (and, I admit to this).

For the most part, we live in a place where people embrace the outdoors. They don't let the weather - or the threat of weather (because we also live in a place where there is always a threat of weather) get them down. Every season brings a host of outdoor recreation. Winter? Snowmobiling. Skiing. Sledding. Ice fishing. Ice skating. Driving cars on frozen lakes (yes, it's true - and I might even tell you more about this really, really stupid activity which I vow to never partake in).

But, the last few days have been what one newsperson characterized as "dangerously cold".

We're not talking freezing.

We're talking below freezing. Days when "warmin' up" equals 5 degrees. No, that isn't a typo.

Days when it's just too cold -- even for hearty Maine-rs--to do anything. It's even too cold for Mother Nature to spit snow.

Last night I was huddled in bed with both my girls and a hot water bottle to keep our toes warm. And, while I relish the cuddling of sleeping girls, there wasn't a whole lot of sleeping going on....

So, this morning when I pulled open the shades and saw snow falling--the perfect consistency of a snow globe--I smiled. I didn't even let the possibility of a snow day get me down. Nope. Instead, I smiled because it had warmed up enough to snow.

We can go outside again.

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