Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Serious Inspiration

This is the next must-have. A silk sky scarve. Read on....

Thanks to the tip from LoveVermont, I discovered Cup of Jo (This IS the way of the blogosphere, isn't? One thing leads to another and, then, hours later you find yourself immersed in something and can't remember how you got there!) whose post today was about THE most unique and fabulous scarves.

Seriously amazing.

Maine artist Maria Alexandra Vettese photographed afternoon skies in Cushing, Maine in October and had the photographs printed directly onto silk. These scarves (in a very limited production) are sure to chase those winter blues away, don't you think?

Check out the full collection.

If you don't already know about Maria Alexandra Vettesse (Mav), she is also the co-author of 3191 Miles Apart, a daily visual blog between two friends living 3191 miles apart.

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