Friday, December 3, 2010

December: A Planner

December is one of my favorite months. Especially in Maine. Maine is just SO Christmas-y. Even my husband, a die-hard western mountains guy, will agree. Even though we're always trying to simplify and scale back, our December is busy. Really busy. Here are just some of the things we have planned:
  • Cutting winterberry so I can make wreaths, fill baskets, etc. My husband hates this tradition as it involves making him trudge (usually when he's not prepared) into marshy areas to snip many, many branches. For extra fun, I make him hold the winterberry as I make wreaths.
  • Heading to Wolfe's Neck Farm for their annual Night Tree Event. It's a wonderful event that includes hanging out in a barn listening to a reading of Eve Bunting's Night Tree, making animal-friendly ornaments and then taking a short hike into the woods to hang the ornaments and enjoy cocoa and cookies around a bonfire. Good old fashioned fun, if you ask me. Last year I missed this event - a real favorite - and, instead, we organized one of our own. It was a dreamy evening in the snowy woods, decorating ornaments for the animals, standing around a fire eating nuts, date rolls and homemade bread.
  • Cutting our own Christmas tree. If you have never cut your own, try it. It's a great tradition. This site will help you find Christmas Tree Farms in Maine (and I'm certain other states offer similar resources) if you don't have your patch of evergreens to peruse.
  • Christmas Carolling on The Bath Trolley. Yup. It's true, in this little town of ours, you can go carolling on the trolley (our public transportation). Every Friday night between now and Christmas.
  • Planting Paperwhite and Amarylis bulbs so I'll have something to enjoy come January. How-to in days to come!
  • Shopping. I don't have a huge list because we have scaled back giving -- and sought out alternatives to gift giving - in recent years. But, still there is shopping to be done. I hope to include an Old Port Portland shopping trip in the mix -- and maybe even use my daughters as an excuse to ride the horse drawn carriages around the holiday lit streets.
  • Decorating. Greens. Winterberry. Candles. Cranberries. Simple and festive.
  • Riding the Candy Cane Train. A benefit for Tri-County Literacy, this train ride from Bath to Wiscasset is about as charming as can be. Carolers. Santa. Storytelling. Hot cocoa and cookies. And, a view to boot. 
  • Making cinnamon ornaments with my girls. How-to will follow in the days to come.
  • Sing! One of our favorite events in Bath, Sing! is a free community sing at the Chocolate Church for Performing Arts.
  • Baking cookies. Oh, how I'd hoped (could I still pull it off?) to host a cookie exchange with girlfriends.
  • Addressing holiday cards.
  • Celebrating the Solistice. Not sure how yet. But, I'm thinking of creating a new tradition for my family.
  • Making cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. I love the King Arthur Flour dough mix. And, it is super cute to make it one of their paper forms.
  • Creating simple Christmas magic.
  • Spending lots of time with friends and family.
  • Drinking prosecco with pomagranate seeds and juice. That was oddly (?) placed after spending time with friends and family.
What do you have planned!?!


    1. your mother will be enjoying the prosecco and pomegrante as often as possible...cheers to the season

    2. I wanted to do a cookie swap this year too. I hosted one last year and it was fun and yummy. hahahahaha