Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh, hello April!

Okay, how did that happen? It was just March...and, today I turned on my computer and realized it was April 4th.

The good news? We missed April Fools. In our house, we have discovered that with young children who learn of April Fools, the bad jokes and pranks continue well beyond the 1st. It's a nightmare, really.

I think the problem is that on Friday, April 1st, in the wee hours of the night I got a text message.

It read: School cancelled.

Snow day.

Yup. Just when we thought we were in the clear, a Nor'easter (that's what we New Englanders call a nasty storm with wind and wet stuff that comes at us from the Northeast) blanketed this great state with a whole bunch more of that white fluffy stuff.

Only this time, it wasn't so light and fluffy. Heavy and wet. So heavy and wet that it through those just waking up branches for a loop, or rather a tumble. Power outages were widespread. No foolin'.

I must admit I was rather grumpy about the whole thing the minute I heard that text beep on my phone. I had an ambitious day planned - one that wouldn't come to fruition with two girls in tow.

But, when I looked out my window and saw that beautiful blanket on what can be a pretty ugly time of year, I found a better attitude. Mostly. We played in the snow. Contemplated snow bunnies. Baked. Painted. And, then welcomed in a busy, sunny weekend.

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