Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Goodness

Easter was a big deal growing up.

At least, that's what I remember.

Easter egg dying. Sunrise church services against our will. Egg and pancake breakfasts my mom was often involved in organizing. Easter outfits. (I'm going to see if I can't dig up one of these old photos because my recollection is there are some winners. No offense, Mom, I'm sure that was the style...) Having to don a winter coat and mud boots over pretty Spring-y Easter outfits. Baskets with goodies. Always predictable. A hollow chocolate bunny (which became the source of competition among siblings...who would have theirs the longest). Underwear (why, I have no idea). A new book. There was, of course, an Easter egg hunt -- sometimes inside, sometimes out. It is Maine, after all. And, Easter could be gorgeous and warm or blustery and snowy. And, I always remember us sorting jelly beans. Dad loves licorice so we'd give him all the black jelly beans. (Now, I am the recipient of black jelly beans. Genetic love for licorice, to blame.)

That's how I remember it.

Now, of course, we have our own family traditions. Many the same. Like mud boots and Easter dresses, for example. :)

It's certainly a favorite holiday around are just a few of the reasons:

Because decorating eggs brings out the kid in all of us.
Because we need to be reminded about the importance of surprise.
Because of the wonderfulness of discovering a brightly colored egg in the very dead garden....
Because baby fingers on eggs are about the most precious thing ever...
Because my eldest loves to have sisters with matching dresses...(I'm guessing this might be the last year of that!)
Because there is really nothing cuter than the cute guy you love with his girls in Easter dresses.
Because pretty dresses and white tights don't matter when you spot an egg in the dirt.
Because this almost 2 year old caught on to the whole Easter egg hunting thing in a minute...complete with gasps of excitement upon spotting an egg...followed by an enthusiastic "my got it"...followed by calling out while in motion "eggs, where are you?"
Because an egg hunt brings out the intense focus in a near 2 year old...
...and a wonderful, but sometimes a little sassy-of-late 7 year old.
Because sisters in yellow dresses find such great delight in the simple findings in their baskets.
Because white tights and party shoes -- big and small - are the cutest thing ever, really.
Because a cute dress and hat can make even the grumpiest church goer seem cute.

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