Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September: A Planner

I do love summer, but quite honestly, September is my favorite month. The month usually (hope I'm not jinxing myself here) has lovely weather--warm days and crisp nights--and it is filled with subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes. Of course, I've also learned now that I have school-aged children, that September can be an exhausting month as new routines are figured out. But, here's what I'm hoping to do this month.
  • Snip hydrangeas from my neighbor's yard (don't worry, he knows!) and put them around the house. They are so lovely dried--and a reminder of summer.
  • Enjoy as many days and/or evenings at "camp" as possible!
  • Pick apples. My favorite pick-your-own apple farm is in Turner, Maine. It grows organic apples--and is a beautiful setting. 
  • Go to the beach. The beach, in my opinion, is good just about anytime of year. September beach days can be chilly...but nevertheless wonderful. And, the light -- oh the light!
  • Make applesauce. There is nothing better than homemade applesauce--especially in the mid of winter. I have great memories of watching (and helping) my mom and dad make applesauce. And, now it's a tradition I carry on. 
  • Go to the Common Ground Fair. I will dedicate much blog space to this--this IS one of my favorite events. What isn't to love about an organic fair!?!? Oh, the fiber! And, let's not forget the buy local, eat veggies kid parade.
  • Go camping somewhere in the north--perhaps one our favorite spots at Baxter State Park.
  • Harvest herbs from the garden. Usually I make a lot of pesto with the basil and then the others just die away until next summer. But, my aunt has challenged me to figure out how to effectively dry herbs. So, stay tuned.
  • Make (eek!) rose hip jam. Always wanted to do it. Will this be the year?
  • Put mums in my window boxes and on the granite stoop. (This is earlier than usual -- but this exceptional summer has put all of our gardens and garden containers ahead of schedule...and they are looking might ragged at the moment.)
What's your September planner look like?

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    1. I was thinking about fall veggies -- planting turnips and radishes and maybe some fall lettuces? The squash borers have finally killed the zukes, so I'm going to have a garden row freed up soon...