Friday, September 10, 2010

This Weekend: Your Chance to Tour a Lighthouse

When I was working on my September planner, I hadn't realized that this Sunday, September 18th is the Second Annual Maine Lighthouse Open House. How could I not know this? I love lighthouses. And, while one of the many wonderful things about living in Maine is that lighthouses are part of your daily landscape, it is not often that one stops to really explore these beacons.

Maine Lighthouse Open House is a great opportunity to visit the many lighthouses that line Maine's coast -- and, of course, learn a bit about Maine's rich maritime heritage.

I've always thought it would be incredibly romantic to be a lighthouse keeper. Though I mentioned this the other day to a friend and they said, "except in the fog." Whatever. I'll live in my little fantasy world.

In any event, I'm hoping to convince my family to make it a day-long adventure...but, I may lose this battle given the fact that the stripers are running on the Kennebec River AND a certain little six year thinks that a playdate is in order.

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