Monday, September 20, 2010

Apples and Greek Food, Oh My!

In a panic, afraid that I might somehow miss all the apples (which is funny because I usually go MUCH later than this), I insisted that my family, amidst a very hectic weekend schedule, drive to our favorite organic apple picking spot.

Although I'm not sure he was totally into the idea, my husband agreed that it would be a nice way to spend the day (it was September 11th). Step out of our ordinary life and do something high quality with the people we love.

We almost turned around three times due to the whining going on in the back seat. I'm hungry. I'm car sick. I hate apples. Blah, blah, blah.

We kept going. Because sometimes parents just have to do that. Ignore the whining, keep going.

In the little city of Lewiston, Maine, which lots of people gripe about, but we kind of like (at least to drive through), I spotted a little sign that said, "Greek Festival Today". It was a no-brainer - a little Greek food is exactly what we needed. Though we wondered just how good a festival it could be. Did Lewiston have a big Greek community?

With some sleuthing and a map, my husband, my hero, found it. Not an easy feat. We almost turned around several times (picking up on a theme here?). Couldn't be there - a residential community. Sure enough, we landed at a hoppin' Greek festival in the middle of a residential neighborhood. It was quickly evident we'd struck gold.

Yum. We all devoured yummy, yummy Greek food - and, we even had a chat with Senator Snowe -- who apparently goes to church there.

Full and happy, we ventured on.

Rest assured, we had not missed the apples. At Ricker Hill, the organic apples were the most plentiful I'd seen. Gorgeous apples everywhere. In 12 minutes, we picked 40 lbs.

It was a fun-filled day with some unexpected adventures. In my book, that's the best kind of day.

Now, we'd better get cooking applesauce.

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  1. love the smell of cooking apples and a little people saying "yum yum"...