Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm Blaming it on the Advent Calendar Incident

It's December 18th....
  • I haven't unwrapped a single stick of butter (and I bought pounds in anticipation of the usual one zillion holiday cookies we usually bake and share with friends) to make a single holiday cookie.
  • I haven't addressed a single holiday card.
  • I haven't wrapped a gift. After all, how could I? I don't have them yet.
  • I haven't made a single gift and usually I pride myself on making at least some of the gifts we give.
  • I/we haven't decorated our house one bit. 
  • I haven't organized a single social event for the season.
I've actually been rather sad about this. It's not that I get caught up in the commercial side of Christmas, but it's that I love the traditions I've helped our family create. Decorating our pretty old house - inside and out. Baking up a storm to share with others. Sharing love through photos and news in the mail. Handmade wonderfulness. Pretty packages with surprises.

But, there's a whole lot working against me this year. I'm going to try to blame it on the advent calendar incident. Truth is, we just are exhausted. And busy. A new job. Work travel. A play with a heavy rehearsal and performance schedule. And a ridiculous amount of sickness in our little family.

Given all of this (and an attempt to not beat myself up), I'm trying really hard to focus on what's really important this season. And, it turns out that my 7 year old is helping me keep focused.

The other day amidst a fever and strep throat and packing for a business trip, I told her that I was feeling sad that we hadn't done our usual things...our usual baking, crafting and decorating, etc. She listened really carefully to me and then looked at me and said, "Mom, really all we need is a tree, and we have one."

What do I want for Christmas? I already got it. She is a gift.


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  2. I am experiencing similar pangs this year, but am trying to focus on what really counts - appreciating what and who I have in my life.