Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Being a Locavore

I'm a little behind in sharing this. But, hey, better late than never?

I'm really proud of living in a place where eating local is possible. I can't claim to be a true-all-the-time-locavore -- but, I try as much as possible to eat things that are grown, raised or processed/packaged here in Maine. I like knowing where our food is coming from -- and, moreover, I like knowing that I'm supporting local folks and not buying food that is trucked (or flown) all over the world. All that said, I'm guilty of periodically buying strawberries in January (and, around here you don't see strawberries until late June).

At Thanksgiving I try really hard to have a totally local thanksgiving. I get a little nuts about it -- tracking down locally milled flour and all -- but when you sit down in front of a table of local food it feels totally worth it. And, man, was it all delicious.

The menu from our meal is posted in the photo above. But, thought you might enjoy a list of sources.

Turkey with Sage (from our garden) from Maine-ly Poultry
My Mother-in-law's Stuffing Made with Local Breads from Borealis Bread
Brussel Sprouts from Squire Tarbox Farm; Sauteed with Local Bacon from Cornerstone Farm
Delicata Squash and Mashed Kennebec Potatoes from Goransan's Farm
Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce Made from Cranberries from Ricker Hill Orchards
Butter and Cream from Smiling Hill Farm
Pumpkin Rolls Made from One Pie Pumpkin (I know it seems odd that I wouldn't use an actual pumpkin - since I even had one...but, well, I didn't have time.)
Celery, Onions, Carrots (for stuffing, crudite and to serve as our roasting rack) from Goransan's Farm.
Pies made by local family :)

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  1. Love this list! As a fellow Mainer, I always love finding recommendations for favorite local places. Ricker Hill is one of our faves too. We go there every year for apple picking, and this year started getting our Christmas Tree there as well.