Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ten Simple Things

Okay, I just borrowed some inspiration from Soule Mama. (She always has good ideas.) As you might have noticed, my blogging posts have been few and far between. I'm not gone - I'm just out of sync - and catching up on many things. So, stopping and thinking and listing ten simple things I'm grateful for seems like just the thing I need.

Ten Simple Things

Carefree toddler singing
Unexpected professional opportunities
Sunshine after much rain
An awesome 9 year old friend who told me he wants to be a Senator
Puddle splashing that forces a change of clothes before 8 a.m.
Local honey from a friend's farm
The prospect of apple picking on my mind
The rediscovery of tea
Hard, but productive conversations


  1. I love this - especially the first one. My 3-year old niece loves to sing, but occasionally gets stuck on one that ends up being incredibly creepy -- like the little girls in the Shining creepy. It's very funny.

  2. sweet:) thought of you this weekend while we were in wells maine. it rained the whole time, but was still nice to be at the ocean:)

  3. One of my favorite thing about kids is their ability to burst into song anytime, anywhere without no self consciousness. I love it when they're in the bathroom and start singing away, oblivious. CAn you imagine if people did that in the corporate world? You just run in to go to the bathroom and you hear the woman next to you singing a little song and then she really gets into it and the next thing you know, she's doing other voice parts? I'd die laughing.