Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Circus Smirkus, Yes!

Summer scheduling. It's a juggle for working parents, for sure. Who knew?

We finally, I think, more or less figured it out. No comments, please, on the fact that it's mid-July.

We even planned a vacation. For two self-employed people, this is a huge deal. I'm pretty darn excited.

But, then, just after the airline tickets were purchased I had a moment of panic. We'd scheduled this vacation right through the local Circus Smirkus performances. Panic. I know, I know. It seems silly to be so obsessed about a circus. But, this is no ordinary circus. [I encourage you to read this post to see just how significant Circus Smirkus is to me.]

But, I was wrong. Oh, how I love it when I'm wrong! We'll be here for Circus Smirkus.

If you are in the northeast, be sure to check out the upcoming schedule to see if there's a performance near you.


  1. We love love love Circus smirkus around here too! We actually caught it twice last year, once in VT and the usual Freeport show. Guess we'll see you there. And yes, of course you know that fair:)

  2. We love Circus Smirkus too!! We're going to the Thursday 1:00 show although I still need to snag our tix. They're almost sold out for that one!