Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All Before Noon the Fourth of July

A snapshot of a classic Fourth of July morning in New England?

Uncle Sam Leads the Neighborhood Parade

Bicyclists in the Parade (Note for future: Crepe paper and humidity don't mix.)
Miss Grumpy on Her Float

Proud Cyclist - Her First Time Cycling in a Parade
King of the Parade
Worn Out, But Taking it All In
The Line Up
The Littlest Sack Racer Tumbles
Lollipop Race: Score!
Practicing for Water Balloon Toss
Gearing up for the Three Legged Race. The leg length discrepancy is, as guessed, a handicap.
Tug O War Complete with Motivating Fire Hose
Young Winners and
Older Winners
Going home for a nap...winnings and all.


  1. Great photos of the 'hood 4th of July

  2. Great pictures of the 4th in the Hood. I guess I should stay home and see the Lambert Family in actiion!!! Maybe next year.